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Tottenham news: According to Pochettino, Moussa can’t replac

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Tottenham news: According to Pochettino, Moussa can’t replac

Postby kema cooll » 05 Jan 2018, 18:50

Mousa Dembele is irreplaceable for Tottenham
sbobet777 There’s no doubt that Moussa Sissoko is in the midst of saving his Tottenham career. He’s gone from a useless player last season to a solid contributor this year. With that being said, he still can’t fill the massive void of Mousa Dembele in the Spurs midfield.
That’s ok with Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino though. He understands that Sissoko and Dembele, despite having similar first names, have entirely different games. Dembele is a superior defensive presence with the ability to shut down the middle of the pitch whereas Sissoko is a classic box-to-box midfielder.
Ideally, Pochettino would be able to play both men at the same time. Unfortunately, Dembele’s inability to stay fit has prevented that from happening lately. It’s highly probable that Sissoko will be the only Moussa available for Pochettino against APOEL today.
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