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I didn't see anything like Ronaldinho until Messi: Guardiola

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I didn't see anything like Ronaldinho until Messi: Guardiola

Postby makaralove » 22 Jan 2018, 06:33


m.beer777 Pep Guardiola described the influence of the Brazilian star in FC Barcelona by saying: "Until Messi arrived, I did not see anything like Ronaldinho in Barcelona." The statement came in the week in which Ronaldinho made official that he would definitively leave professional football, that world in which he became eternal. Pep Guardiola has been the coach of Barcelona when Ronaldinho was the star of the Catalan club. Later, Ronaldinho ended up leaving the club.

The Catalan coach showed at a press conference his admiration for the footballerm.beer777who, according to the coach, changed the club's history with former President Joan Laporta: "Ronaldinho was the most influential person in the field to recover the club's self-esteem... With the leadership of an extraordinary president like Laporta, and Ronaldinho in the field, they turned the club around." He highlighted the performance he offered in Barcelona.

"He played some fantasticm.beer777years winning leagues and ChampionsLeague titles. A footballer of another level. I never saw anything like him in Barcelona until Messi arrived. His ability to win games was overwhelming." Ronaldinho will leave the playing fields in which he spread his smile to everyone. What remains, for today and forever, will be his impact. "I wish you all the best in the future. I think that his impact, not only in Barça but in [the] world [of] football, was very great," concluded Pep.
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