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Why Cristiano Ronaldo was denied a historic Champions League

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Why Cristiano Ronaldo was denied a historic Champions League

Postby Son sovan » 26 Apr 2018, 07:27


Cristiano Ronaldo is already the first man to score in eleven consecutive Champions League games, beer777 but he was denied the chance to become the first to score in every match of one season's competition on Wednesday night.With 71 minutes gone at Allianz Arena as Bayern Munich hosted Real Madrid in the semi-final first leg, the Portuguese star controlled a ball over the top and drilled it low into the bottom corner. beer777 It was a stunning finish that befitted his European campaign thus far. That was, until referee Bjorn Kuipers blew for a foul, citing a foul in the process.Radio MARCA refereeing analyst Andujar Oliver agreed with the call, with replays indicating the player's left arm did play a significant part in controlling the pass."Correctly disallowed goal from the Dutch official," stated Oliver. "Ronaldo controls the ball with his arm and only then does he score."The Madrid talisman subsequently went the whole game without scoring, meaning the honour of being the first player to score in every single game of a Champions League season is still up for grabs. beer777
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