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Cristiano Ronaldo's countdown

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Cristiano Ronaldo's countdown

Postby Bongngarthom » 27 Mar 2018, 08:23


Against Egypt, in his umpteenth consecutive exhibition, Cristiano Ronaldo แทง บอล สด score two new goals - both in injury time - so that his Portugal could win the match, but the countdown towards his 1000th appearance has already begun. His 2018 continues to evidence his best version, whether that be in the red of his country or the white of his club.At 33 years old, his many critics predicted a decline, but there is still life in the striker yet even though he has just notched up his 900th game as a professional: Real Madrid (429 games), Manchester United (292), Portugal (148) and Sporting Club (31).Against Holland, he begins the journey to 1000 games, and if he stays injury free, he'll likely reach that incredible mark in the next couple of years.Next up come Juve in the Champions League, a competition that he's already won in three of the last four years, and then, as we head into the summer, he will lead Portugal to fight for the only great title that he lacks, the World Cup.Obsession with the World CupRonaldo has already won the European Championship with his country แทง บอล สด and his current form (23 goals in 14 games) invites us to think of a Portugal competing with the big teams for the most important trophy at national team level.Hence, the few tests that will take place from here to the appointment in Russia require a greater importance for a player who has to be one of the best in history. Winning the World Cup would raise him even higher in the aristocracy of the sport.Against a renewed Holland, it will be a test for the brilliant generation led by Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva, Guedes and Co. A young generation to complement Quaresma, Bruno Alves, Manuel Fernandes and other veterans who, in Russia, will possibly experience แทง บอล สด their last major competition.All of them will be led by the player of the moment, a Cristiano Ronaldo that will face the next few months with the aim of winning the Champions League, World Cup and, therefore, the most important individual trophies available too.
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Re: Cristiano Ronaldo's countdown

Postby nuning » 06 Apr 2018, 10:12

Ronaldo, a skilled player, I always keep up with his information.

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